Top Soccer Tape for 2024

The use of tape in soccer increases as the players grow up and start to get into more dangerous challenges. There is nothing worse than missing days or weeks of playing because of an injury that should have been prevented with cheap soccer tape. Getting the right protection is important and can add or remove the edge from the player on a matchday. We know that it looks like an extra cost, but just considered it as part of the cost of high-intensity practices and games.

What is the best soccer tape?

We gathered together and reviewed the different soccer tapes that we use to end up with the best tapes to use for different purposes. We have shared them and tried them out across the team and came back again to make the ranking. It is not one-size fits all and it is important to understand the need first. Secondly, it is crucial to remember that these are used for prevention and not for recovery. Finally, remember to check if they are HSA and FSA, as most of them are.

Best for shin guards

Many players tape their shin guards to stay in place. If you have to, use the same tape as the fingers tape (below). However, do yourself a favor and switch to a shin guard strap. There are other brands and models, but these Adidas ones have been what the players in our club are using and they work perfectly fine, even with low socks. They are affordable and important from a very early age, so give it a try and you won’t regret your decision.

Best for ankles and wrist

Wrists are not that common injuries in soccer unless there is a fall on the ground. However, ankle injuries are so frequent that the players that play to the maximum of their abilities are often troubled with ankle pain and overstretching of the ligaments. Almost half of our most senior high school players use ankle tapes and it is important to get good protection to prevent unwanted injuries. Cotton is the right material for them and keeping them under the socks means that there is not much to choose from a color point of view, so black it is.

Best for sticky tapes

This is where the true experts (read injury history) shine with their stories. The KT, which stands for Kinesiology Therapeutic, tape has helped many athletes to prevent injuries. The versatility is huge, good for virtually any muscle, ligaments, and tendons. If there are recurring injuries to be protected from, give these a try. The extra bonus is that KT Tape has done a phenomenal job in the color design to make the tapes blend or make the players stand out in tryouts and games.

Best for fingers

This one is not usually needed, right? Actually, when talking to goalkeepers, they will tell you that they often balance it depending on their gloves. Sometimes they want gloves that provide different levels of flexibility or stickiness, but that also means that their protection is lower. They add some finger tape and they often tape only part of their fingers. For goalkeepers, go ahead and get yourself this tape. For others, only if you have chronic problems with injuries of your fingers, usually from other sports like volleyball or basketball.

Decision time

Soccer tape is an important way to prevent injuries and bring stability and confidence to soccer practices and games. Getting the right soccer tape is important and choosing the reason for it is the first step. Afterward, we already did the research for you and reviewed the tape you should choose. Protect yourself and prevent the injuries that can be avoided.