Top Personalized Soccer Gear with Character [Stand Out in 2023]

The goal for many soccer players is to be recognized by soccer scouts and coaches at tryouts and games. Obviously, if you have a hat-trick in the first half, they will notice and remember you. However, if you play in the middle of the pitch, you tend to do great, tough work, but it is hard to notice you among 21 other players. Visibility can be awful and often there is no big visual difference between you and your teammate who misses every other ball. Of course, you can have neck tattoos or giant blue hair. However, it might be easier to stand out, while respecting the team uniform and gear. What you need is personalized soccer gear that will make you be seen.

Furthermore, you want to be inspired by your soccer gear. I always feel good when I pick up my soccer cleats, but when I wear the socks I got as a gift from my parents, I feel elevated. You need to figure out what that is and find what motivates you. Some might be to get you to practice hard when you have an odd day. Other gear will be reserved only for games and tournaments. You need to pick what you need, but let us help you with some ideas.

What is the best personalized soccer gear?

You need to get top personalized soccer gear to be noticed and to be inspired. The best ones will help you achieve that, by elevating and motivating you. We will start with the cleats, as a core element of any soccer player. We will look for wristbands, neck warmers, and beanies, as they often add that extra distinction, in addition to their function. Finally, we will review some great ideas for the personalization of captain armbands and shin guards. They are more useful for motivation than differentiation, but players love them and we highly recommend them.

Note: we are not looking for jerseys, shorts, undershirts, leggings or socks. Clubs rarely let you play with them, choosing colors or patterns. For them to look like a team, everybody must respect that code. However, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to be done. On the contrary, let’s see how to solve that issue.

Shin Guards

Brilliant gift! I have seen that this works as a gift every time!

Let’s be honest – you rarely see the shin guards of players. However, I’ve heard of players wearing the same shin guards for over a decade for luck. They are very personal and don’t really wear out, except maybe for the lining sometimes. The important aspect is that they can inspire the players. In the ritual of getting ready for the games, being able to get into the right mindset just by looking at the shin guards can be massive. Whether looking at the picture of your partner, soccer hero or super hero, whatever motivates you to give the maximum effort will go a long way.

Neck Warmer

If you live in any place that has less than perfect weather conditions, you need a neck warmer. It has been a game changer for me to warm up and stay warm throughout the game. You can start by covering your nose and mouth at the beginning, then I initially tried my snowboarding balaclava at a game, then ended up buying multiple ones just for soccer. I have them in different thickness and material, to differentiate when I need water protection from the rain vs. warmth from the cold.

The amazing feature on this product is that you can put whatever picture you want! From a photo of your favorite player to one from your dog, everything works. You don’t have to limit yourself to just words, numbers or logos.


Most professional players don’t have personalized cleats, even though they represent the manufacturers. However, you can still stand out with your cleats. There are three reasons why we like these cleats. Firstly, they are quality Adidas cleats and look good! You have to buy solid cleats if you want to play well. Secondly, they stand out because of their color. Thirdly, they are several years old. That’s a good thing – the technology is only so much evolving, but the prices drop and it is unlikely that others have the same ones. That means that you will stand out just because of that! Hunt for bargains with cleat models 3-5 years old!

Captain Armband (For Clubs!)

“You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” In a ceremony at practice every year, the captain of the team for the previous year hands over the armband to the new captain for the upcoming year. The club is the real owner of the armband and the captain is the ambassador who sets the example for future players and captains.

Unlike the other products, armbands already make you stand out from your teammates. So, it’s not for a captain to get one with their name on it. The club needs to build its brand by giving personalized ones to the captain of each team.

Wrist Band

You will stand out by wearing wrist bands anyway. They are not that common, even though they can be very practical. They are designed for very hot days, but I really like them because it provides the extra protection of the wrist in case of a fall. Recently they became more popular as covers for smart watches, but I strongly recommend against wearing smart watches while playing. You really don’t need them and there are over-the-chest or at the cleats more accurate devices to measure all the data you need.

How to personalize it? Any way you want! You can add a name, a logo or even just the jersey number. It all depends on your personal preference.


When I was younger I thought that the quality of the beanie didn’t matter. However, I learned that you have to get at least a decent one to protect you from the cold weather and the snow. Even more, you want protection from the rain, instead of soaking the water on your head. No fancy materials and super waterproof requirements, but you want to not absorb all the water to last 90 minutes.

This is the best one we’ve tried and it can also be personalized. If you live in a cold place, likely all the teammates will have beanies and the club might require the same color for all of them. However, you will be able to get away with your name or at least a number to differentiate yours. It’s a great personal touch, but also a way not to lose yours.

Time to get your personalized soccer gear

This is a great mix of products to set you up just right for your soccer games! Some of them are to motivate you, others are to make you stand out from other players. Soccer should always be fun, but as you get more serious, it can often look like a job. However, when it is asking to give 100% every time, you will need any extra bit of inspiration to do that day in and day out. These small items can help you get there. So look for the piece that resonates with you and find a way to motivate yourself!

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