Top Soccer Business Books Money Makers [Must-Read 2024]

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to run a soccer club? I am not talking about being a coach and choosing which player plays where. There is the coach decision, player trading and contracts, stadium planning, tickets and merchandise, travel arrangements, boardroom politics, brand building… So much to handle and none of it is soccer on the surface. We have put together a list of memoirs of soccer giants and soccer business books. They will show you the state and the history of the soccer business, which is massive and still growing at a rapid rate. The books dig deep into the entrepreneurship and management of the clubs. Also, they examine the human element of the sports industry. The stories are fascinating, so let’s get into them!

What are the best soccer business books you need to read ASAP?

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“The Barcelona Way” by Damian Hughes

“The Barcelona Way” delves into the secrets of one of the most successful soccer clubs in history, FC Barcelona. Damian Hughes examines the unique culture, leadership, and values that have made Barcelona a global powerhouse. Guardiola has won 14 out of the possible 19 trophies while being the coach of the first team in Barcelona. However, it is not the results, but the culture of the club that makes this club unique. You can see it in La Masia, but also in the “alumni” today. Hughes outlines the key principles and the way the club operates. It is a useful read for winning the infinite game. You can see it as a case study of how to grow the right culture in the very, very long run. 

“Soccernomics” by Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski

“Soccernomics” is a groundbreaking book that uses data analysis and economic principles to explore the inner workings of the soccer world. The dynamics always changing in the world of soccer. So, the authors regularly release new editions to incorporate this news. The World Cup 2022 edition certainly looks at the first World Cup in winter and in the Middle East, as well as coming right after the pandemic. Additionally, in between the two World Cups there was a failed attempt to create the Super League. That was a fascinating development in the financial and club management world of soccer. Some people might consider it a bit drier than the other books. However, it is a must-read for those who wish to understand the economics and statistics behind soccer.

“The Club: How the English Premier League Became the Wildest, Richest, Most Disruptive Force in Sports” by Joshua Robinson and Jonathan Clegg

Robinson and Clegg take readers on a thrilling journey through the evolution of the English Premier League (EPL) in “The Club.” It is fascinating how this book gives an overarching view of what Jordan’s or Dein’s books tell about their own clubs. The book tells the story of the EPL from its humble beginnings to its global dominance. It offers an in-depth exploration of the league’s transformation into a multi-billion dollar business. How fast we take things, like oligarch money or transfers of 100 million, for granted is astonishing. It is packed with fascinating anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, and interviews with key figures. This book captures the essence of the EPL’s rise and the impact it has had on soccer and the business world at large.

“Be Careful What You Wish For” by Simon Jordan

You might have heard of the story of Crystal Palace making their way back to the Premier League in the 2010s. It is depicted in the documentary series “When Eagles Dare”. If you wonder what has happened before then to get the club to that position in the first place, this is the book to read. Jordan became a multimillionaire at 32 after selling his company and decided to buy his neighborhood club. Unfortunately, the club got relegated and lost most of its value. Jordan looks smug and is a person that people either love or hate. Nevertheless, the book that he wrote is truly original and is a great read if you want to learn a lot about the management of English soccer clubs.

“Calling The Shots: How To Win At Football And Life” by David Dein

“Mr. Arsenal”, as called by Thierry Henry, David Dein has been pulling the strings in the golden age of Arsenal with Wenger as the team manager. Published in 2023, Dein has taken time to reflect and deliver a memoir of his time at Arsenal. He shows his struggles with the board of the club (he was a part owner), the formation of the Premier League, his dedication to women soccer, his current NGO to bring soccer education to prisons, and many more. While it is particularly worth reading for Arsenal fans, we strongly recommend this book as the book to read in 2023. It will help you understand the road of the Premier League and the philosophy of leading a club before the rich-owner money came into it.

“Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for Organizations from the World’s Game” by Peter Loge

This can be classified as a book for professionals through the lens of soccer. Loge is a professor of media and public affairs and has worked in politics of public policy. So, don’t expect a book about the role of the inverted wingback or the best way to practice the rabona. The lessons of people management, communication, leadership, decentralized ownership, and responsibility, are conveyed by a soccer fan, making them more easily digestible. We enjoyed reading it and frankly, they were more useful for our day-to-day jobs which have nothing to do with soccer. 

The intersection of soccer and business offers a fascinating realm of study, filled with valuable lessons applicable to various industries. Each of the books is a little different, providing unique perspectives on the economics, leadership, and organizational aspects of the soccer industry. Hope these pages inspire you to approach your own endeavors in a different way, with a bit more knowledge and with as much passion as you have for soccer.